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Writing Desk

Richard Sapper, 1985 - 1989

Combing the literary and the technical, the Secrétaire bureau houses objects, documents, artefacts, mementos and devices. Anything that is precious, delicate, personal, confidential and private. Part writing desk, part vault, it paved the way for continuity between the home and the office and between the public and the private. It is a clean-cut and rigorous piece that changes according to its function, how it is used (either sitting or standing) and the technology used with it.

Design Richard Sapper, 1985 - 1989


1989 Office Design, EIMU Milan
1990 IF Industrie Forum Design Hannover


Richard Sapper

Richard Sapper was born in Munich in 1932. There he studied philosophy, graphics, engineering and political economics. 

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Richard Sapper

"Time is one of the few things that may ultimately establish the true quality of an object"

Richard Sapper