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Molteni Museum


Nine years after the opening of the Molteni Museum in 2015, the museum presents its new permanent exhibition, curated by Ron Gilad, entitled “FROM THE COLLECTION / in dialogue”. A new path through the collection's furniture, documents and archival materials reveals and tells another story of the Molteni Group. In a dialogue between authors and objects from different eras - the chair, the table, the bookcase - juxtapositions of shapes and symmetries, colours and finishes, reveal hidden correspondences and assonances in intimate and domestic settings, similar to a house to be lived in every day where one can converse, read, study, work and love. A new intimacy. A story that tells 90 years of history, from 1934 to the present day.

Design Aldo Rossi, Luca Meda, 1992


The façade of the Piroscafo is a direct reference to the architecture of the Centro direzionale di Fontivegge, in Perugia, designed by Rossi between 1982 and 1989, which has the same façade with square openings.

Design Aldo Rossi
Luca Meda,