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Angelo Mangiarotti, 2006 and 2009

Prototype of a bookcase made by application of the joint system developed by architect Angelo Mangiarotti together with UniFor Technical Office. The joints - with two, three or four ways - allow the creation of different modular compositions and types of furniture. The first studies were followed by other designs, between 2006 and 2009, aimed at further evolving the morphology of the joint and the anchoring system of the components.

Design Angelo Mangiarotti, 2006 and 2009

Angelo Mangiarotti

Angelo Mangiarotti (1921-2012) was born in Milan, where he graduated in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano. During the early 1950s he worked in the United States, where he met Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe and Konrad Wachsmann. Architect, designer and urban planner, he earned international fame not only in the field of industrial design, but also for his architecture with its focus on infrastructure, planning and structural engineering. He earned numerous awards, both in the design industries, for his collaboration with many important Italian furniture companies, as well as in the construction industries, both in Italy and internationally.

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Angelo Mangiarotti

“The essential starting point for creating an object of design lies in its utility for individuals”

Angelo Mangiarotti