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Luca Meda, 1986

Les Beaux Jours: an object at once geometric and ambiguoous. Reminiscent of an ancient Roman triclinium, a canapé or an oriental sofa. Geometrically rigid and square-cut, it nevertheless conceals the secret of an accomodating surface where the black lacquered legs and cross-pieces surround flexible wooden strips like a frame.

Design Luca Meda, 1986

The item includes a sliding bolster to support the head or feet. It is ambiguous because it can be a bed to sleep on, a sofa on which to enjoy a nap or even a bench to put things on.


Luca Meda

Luca Meda wrote an important chapter in Italian enterprise history. He contributed to the design culture of the Molteni Group with great passion and dedication. He was an example of a perfect symbiosis between creativity, business, art and industry. This is something of a paradox for a designer who loves drawing and uses a pencil more than any other tool to describe and reinvent reality. Since the late 70's Luca Meda was dedicated to the design of ranges. He created furniture which became icons. With Aldo Rossi he created the Piroscafo bookshelf, the Zim chairs and the Ho armchair, the Vivette armchair, the Primafila sofa, the 505 programme and the Pass system.

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Luca Meda

“Simplicity is not good in itself, but there surely is a type of simplicity that comes from generations of work”.

Luca Meda