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Hannes Wettstein, 2001

Alfa is made of “SMC” - an innovative, fibreglass-reinforced polyester resin composite used in the car industry. Three layers of varnish (two matt and one gloss) make the chair robust and sturdy. The design is achieved by bringing just two parts together - the back (which flows into the back legs) and the seat (which flows into the front legs).

Design Hannes Wettstein, 2001


2001 ICFF Editors Award (USA)


Hannes Wettstein

Hannes Wettstein (1958-2008) was one of the most interesting designers of his generation, creating projects ranging from products to communication and industrial design to architecture. He was known as one of the most innovative and influential designers from the Swiss school. This was demonstrated by the many awards and competitions he won, such as the selection for the Compasso d'Oro in 2004 for his Dada Nomis kitchen. In 1991, with the creation of his interdisciplinary studio, Zed, Wettstein fully developed as a designer and architect, by establishing his corporate image and designing architectural projects.

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Hannes Wettstein

“Those who want to live frugally buy things of value” from Reflex 7/2002

Hannes Wettstein