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A large digital clock at the ADI Design Museum celebrates the creativity and know-how of Italian companies.

A large digital clock that, with the passing of time, discloses more than 110 business museums and archives that preserve, protect and reveal Italy’s know-how, innovation, creativity and design. As from today, visitors can admire this permanent installation, entitled #amuseumaminute, at the entrance of the ADI Design Museum in Milan and follow it via the social media through an initiative developed by Assolombarda and Museimpresa, the Italian Association of Museums Archives and Business founded in 2001 by Assolombarda and Confindustria.
Designed by NEO [Narrative Environments Operas], #amuseumaminute sets out to offer a visual and immediate account of business museums and archives, whose objects and documents reveal the extraordinary stories of men and women who have worked with dignity to invent, experiment, produce and generate well-being, work, beauty and social inclusion.

Each museum is represented by an iconic image that alternates, every minute, with those of the other museums and archives on the quadrant of a large clock, taken as a metaphor of the stratification of business culture over time. With each complete circle of the seconds hand, the dial changes. The pendulum, with its rhythmic pace, serves as a symbolic representation of the past, present and future, embodying the ability of companies to look back at their own history, operate in today’s world, and turn their gaze to the future, in a process of continuous innovation.